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Gift Cards di

The GIFT Card is the perfect gift for fiancées, girlfriends, relatives and colleagues, and it is perfect for every occasion.

You don't need to choose the products! Jou just purchase a GIFT Card of the value you want and recipient will decide what to buy and when to do it.

How to buy a GIFT Card?

1. Choose a GIFT Card (or more GIFT Cards) and add it to the cart as with a normal online purchase

2. Complete the purchase by paying via Paypal or by Credit Card (cash on delivery is excluded for GIFT Cards).

3. After completing the order you will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation, and within 24 hours from the actual payment we'll send you an email with a PDF file containing the Coupon Code of 10 numbers, which is essential in order to use GIFT Card.

Then you can send the file via e-mail to the recipient , or even print it and sign it with a personal message!

How to use a GIFT Card?

If you received a GIFT Card, here's how you can use it on

1. Upon receipt of the GIFT Card, with its required Coupon Code of 10 digits, visit the website and add to cart the products you want to buy (in order to know in detail how to place an order on the site, click here.)

2. View the content of your cart using the "Shopping Cart" window in the upper right.

3. Then enter the Coupon Code of 10 digits in the blank space below the Cart, and click on "Apply Coupon": the order total will be reduced by the amount of the GIFT Card.
If the amount of your cart is higher than the value of the GIFT Card used, before concluding the purchase will have to choose the method of payment for the exceeding amount (Credit Card, Paypal account, bank transfer or cash on delivery for Italy).

4. Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to enter all your your information and confirm the order.

Similarly, to know at any time your remaining credit, simply insert any product in the shopping cart and then apply the Code Coupon: the label that describes the discount will report the total remaining value in euro.

Conditions of Purchase and Use of GIFT Cards

For the purchase and use of GIFT Cards on, the following applies:

- The GIFT Card is a gift certificate that can have the value of 25, 50, 100 or 200 Euros; every GIFT Card is necessarily related to a Coupon Code of 10 digits that allows and legitimizes the use. The loss or theft of the 10-digit code determines the final loss of the value of the gift certificate related.

- VanityLovers is in no way responsible for any theft or loss of a GIFT Card, or for fraudulent use of the same, and is not required to make any reimbursement.

- The only forms of payment allowed to purchase a GIFT Card are the Credit card, the Paypal account and the bank transfer; you can not buy the GIFT Card with cash on delivery.

- The GIFT Card, once purchased, will be sent within 24 hours (considering working days) via email to the email address of the purchaser, in the form of a pdf file. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to forward the electronic GIFT Card to the recipient, or print the pdf file and hand it on paper.

- The GIFT Card can only be used on to purchase any product (even discounted) available on the online store, and can also be used to pay the shipping charges.

- The GIFT Card, once received, is immediately effective and is valid for one year (12 months) from the date of your purchase. No refund will be due by VANITYLOVERS to buyer and recipient for a GIFT Card that expired.

- The GIFT Card is divisible: it can be used more than one until the credit runs out. After the first use, if there is a credit balance, the GIFT Card will be reactivated within 24-48 hours in order to be used again, always using the same code Coupon of 10 digits.

- The GIFT Card can not be charged, nor used for the purchase of another GIFT Card.

- In case of purchases of products of higher value than the GIFT Card, the beneficiary will pay the difference with the completion of the order, choosing the preferred method among the available ones (Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer in advance or cash on delivery for Italy) and following the normal purchasing procedures.

- Pursuant to the Decree Law 185/1999, art. 5 paragraph 3, the right of withdrawal will not apply to the purchase of GIFT Card, but the beneficiary will have the right to the withdrawal of the items, within ten working days from the date of receipt of goods, following the normal procedures in the purchasing conditions on the site.

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