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Institute Arabic Wax

Water-soluble depilatory wax for application at low temperatures.

Water-soluble depilatory wax for application at low temperatures.

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Descrizione prodotto

Water-soluble depilatory wax for application at low temperatures. Made with sugar and water, it is completely odourless, transparent and crystalline. Hair removal is easy, delicate and suitable for all skin types and does not require waxing strips.

How to use: heat the product to 40/45°C. While wearing a vinyl glove, take a small amount of the paste and roll it into a small ball with your fingers, then spread the paste onto the area to be waxed with light pressure, going against the hair growth. Pull quickly, and without hesitation, in the direction of hair growth.

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Nature’s potent efficacy is essential to Institute’s Spa Professionals blue line – the line dedicated to aesthetic specialists. Its avant-garde, effective, safe and extraordinarily
pleasant cosmetic products combine with unique and personalized treatments to successfully resolve any face and body imperfection. Blue line products contain vegetal
ingredients handed down from the most ancient herbal tradition, thermal muds of unparalleled value and ultra-active seaweeds that reduce skin-aging signs and contribute to
physical and mental wellbeing.

Informazioni tecniche

Quantity: 400 ml


INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed Corn Starch • Sucrose • Destrose


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