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Institute Expertise - Estratto Vegetale Hamamelis Virginiana 50ml

Astringent, derma-purifying, brightening, refreshing and decongesting

Astringent, derma-purifying, brightening, refreshing and decongesting

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Descrizione prodotto

Drug: leaves of witch hazel
Extract: fluid glycolic extract
Active Ingredients:

  • tannins (hamamelitannin, gallotannin, gallic acid, phlobaphenes), 
  • essential oil, 
  • leucoanthocyanidins, 
  • flavonoids (quercitin, kaempferol, astragelin), 
  • saponins, 
  • pectins

Characteristic: witch hazel is a sapling used by the Native American Indians for traditional medicine practices. Its extract has proven essential in cosmetic preparations. Herbal tradition calls it “the witches’ grass” so as to emphasize the plant’s extraordinary virtues deriving from the highly astringent, refreshing and anti-inflammatory phytocomplex extracted from its leaves. Witch hazel’s integral extract fortifies venous walls, fights liquid stagnation, adjusts membrane permeability and increases capillary resistance. Its many properties make it suitable for all skin types: it normalizes impure skins, it desensitizes reddened skins; it is used in the prepatation of tonics, after-sun products, eye-decongesting packs and child products.
Properties: astringent, derma-purifying, brightening, refreshing and decongesting
Size: 5 0 ml dropper-bottle


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Vegetal Elixirs stand as Institute’s top natural line. Its twenty fluid glycolic extracts, obtained from herbal tradition’s most precious officinal plants, are employed in personalized phytogalenic preparations and custom-made phyto-treatments. Vegetal elixirs are pure essences of nature representing professional beauticians’ most effective, safe and versatile resource. The addition of a few drops of an elixir to a base or end product greatly enriches the preparation with extraordinary cosmetic properties. Ultimately, skin will benefit from vegetal kingdom’s distinctive energy and vitality.

Informazioni tecniche

Quantity: 50 ml


INGREDIENTS: propylene glycol • aqua (purified water) • Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel).


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